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web3 is magical.
Searching it should be too.

Unleash the full power of your dapp by integrating advanced, full-text search. Easily discover content, transactions, NFTs, DAOs, and people across blockchains and web3. Help your users instantly find what they want, when they want it.

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Searches with Sepana


Posts, DAOs, and profiles indexed

“Incredible ... it’s a better search tool for Bitclout than I or the core devs could have built ourselves


Nader Al-naji

Founder of DeSo

“The stack for building composable decentralized social:

@LensProtocol for publishing & connections 🌿 @graphprotocol for indexing data 💿 @sepana_io for search 🔎...”


Stani Kulechov

Founder of Lens & Aave

Absurdly easy onboarding

So easy even your 13-year-old wanna-be hacker nephew can integrate Sepana.
Simply log in to our dashboard and set up your dedicated engine in a few clicks.
Use our API to index any data and boom, you’re all set.
Plug and play, baby.

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web3 wasn’t meant to be siloed

Connect to an entire universe of web3 content with Sepana’s multi-chain search protocol. Set to launch later this year, Sepana’s p2p network will be decentralized and permissionless. Devs, dapps, and protocols can search across any engine and enjoy open access to web3.

Our Vision

Search, unleashed

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Aggregate NFTs from multiple protocols

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Rank decentralized social posts by popularity, relevancy, and more

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Discover users and communities that share on-chain characteristics

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Whatever else you can imagine!

Fetch NFTs

Fetch NFTs

Discover new  people & communities

Discover new people & communities

Rank & sort web3 data

Rank & sort web3 data

Define new search graphs

Define new search graphs

Try. Epic. Search. Now.

See how Sepana’s advanced search helps enhance the brilliance of protocols and dapps like DeSo, Mirror and Lens.

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logo Ask Mirror

Ask Mirror

Search and discovery for the decentralized publishing platform,

logo Lens Search

Lens Search

Open-source search infrastructure for the Lens protocol. Search across profiles, posts, and the social graph.

logo Cloutavista


Advanced search for the decentralized social blockchain, DeSo. Integrated with BitClout, diamondapp, and many others.

Search designed for web3

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Open access to on-chain dataPersonalization based on wallet addressTransparent search algorithmsSearch across blockchains and dappsOpen access to on-chain dataPersonalization based on wallet addressTransparent search algorithmsSearch across blockchains and dapps

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