Proof of Thesis

Sepana seeks to expand humanity’s knowledge by making web3’s content easily discoverable and accessible.

Today, the decentralised web is chaotic, dispersed and unruly. Part Defi, part NFTs, part DAOs, part social.

It feels like the Internet did in its infancy. The technology is a work in progress. And while some only see the potential pitfalls, a passionate core of builders push forward.

This unique moment has all the makings of an ideological and technological revolution.

Over the past two decades, some of humanity’s most important ideals have been worn away.

Privacy has been eroded.

Ownership has dwindled.

Freedom is under constant attack.

web3, in all its incomprehensible jargon and beautiful chaos, is pushing back.

Transparent blockchains and open social graphs will help all of us regain control of our digital lives.

It’s no wonder that web3 is giving birth to an artistic renaissance and financial boon.

And yet, the bountiful information, connections and experiences on web3 remain difficult to find.

Protocols are siloed.

Transactions lack context.

dapps have rudimentary search, if at all.

web3’s fullest potential is shackled.

Just imagine the Internet without search.

Imagine Amazon without discovery.

Imagine the heavens without Hubble.

This is the state of web3; a shadow of what it could be.

This is why of all the millions of things we could be building, Sepana chose to build search.

We believe that advanced and intuitive search and discovery are *the keys* to unlocking the full potential of web3.

Without it, web3 will remain a wondrous yet limited playground of developers and dreamers.

one more thing.

We must restore freedom and choice to our digital lives.

Who decides what you see on your social feeds and search results today?

A murky and non-transparent algorithm.

No one quite knows how they’re being manipulated.

We only know that we *can’t* know.
It’s antithetical to today’s dominant business models.

But decentralized and open-sourced protocols have the power to fundamentally change this.

At long last, people will be able to own their data and choose their algorithms.

These freedoms will lead to an era of unprecedented human flourishing.

But only if they are accessible to all.
That is the future we hope to build.

That is Sepana’s Proof of Thesis.